Ancient Astronauts & The Pictures on the Homepage

I wanted a place on the website to briefly address the pictures I use on the homepage. You can stop here if you don't want real data, as opposed to what you'll read from Zecharia Sitchin and other ancient astronaut promoters.

The "Alien" Elongated Skulls

I've blogged about these skulls over at PaleoBabble. The picture on the site is a facsimile of the elongated skulls you'll see promoted on ancient astronaut sites -- but the one I use comes from a medical supply company. That alone should tell you something. Yes,. Virginia, real scientists are aware of these skulls and don't think they are anything alien at all. For the company's website and a couple scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals about those "alien" alongated Peruvian skulls. click here to go to my post.

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UFOs in Medieval and Renaissance Art?

I'm not an art historian, but Diego Cuoghi is. He's taken a careful and lengthy look at the artwork promoted by Matthew Hurley and others to promote the idea that a range of artists were putting flying saucers in their works. Nope.

Qumran Scroll: Fragmentary Text of 4QAmram

The manuscript remains pictured on the homepage of the website is an Aramaic fragment of the book of Enoch (1 Enoch 6:4-8) known as 4Q201, fragment 1, col. iii (=4QEnocha aramaic). It's significance is that it is one of the few Aramaic texts from Qumran that mention giants. It also distinguishes the giants from the Watchers, 1 Enoch's term for the "sons of God" of Genesis 6:1-4. Sitchin equates the two groups, whereas the ancient texts do not.

Another Dead Sea scroll text about the same subject (the Genesis 6 story of the sons of God/Watchers and their offspring, the nephilim, is called the Genesis Apocryphon. Sitchin quotes from this text in his book Stairway to Heaven, on pages 110-112. In an effort to defend his idea that the nephilim and the sons of God are the same. As I discuss on the "Nephilim" page on this website, he mistranslates this text and fails to notice it is written in Aramaic, not Hebrew.

Cylinder Seal VA243

This cylinder seal is discussed in detail on this site. It does not show 12 planets, as Sitchin claims.