Mike Heiser's Tax Returns 

Am I getting rich off Sitchin's work?  Off telling people the truth?  You might want to judge the figures below in light of the fact that I am the lone breadwinner in a family of six.

(I filed electronically with H&R Block, hence the "copy only" form).  Notice line 12 in the returns. I've made less than $1500 since The Facade became available.  Granted, I've sold a lot more books than that (it's all word of mouth and the Web), but I operate on a "try and break even - anything more is a wonderful surprise" approach.  I also offer my subscription and PDF files at survival level pricing. And, as I note to Mr. Henry, I never ask for an honorarium when I speak.  I just don't want to lose money doing it, so all I want is travel and board.  Anything else is up to the audience.  Am I nuts?  No, just committed to countering the BS I see on the subjects I address.  Why don't I ask for the $250 a head Sitchin does for one of his seminars, even now that he's a millionaire?  Because I don't suffer from greed.  When people like William Henry and Erik Parker pull the argument that I'm trying to get rich off Sitchin, it's because they have nothing more substantive to say - period.  Will Mr. Henry especially put his returns on the web?  



2003 - still no richer!